In 2017, digital ad spend will overtake television for the first time, by $5 billion, with a projected total of over $77 billion.
— Adweek

Welcome, Harvard Business Review readers!

The Digital Image Group offers simple, affordable, effective digital marketing for today’s most informed business owners.

Stop chasing fads

Constant research and campaign testing helps us understand what actually generates business and what is a waste of time and money.

Start targeting repeat buyers

We have experience using tools like Facebook’s look-a-like audiences and Google retargeting to help you find exactly who you are looking for online.

Don’t ignore your online presence

Maintaining Google certifications means that we can provide you with the most up-to-date industry experience across your marketing ecosystem.

Not sure if your ad spend is generating the returns that it should?

We have surpassed industry benchmarks for so many years that we now measure success against our own benchmarks.

Just take a look: 


Past success:

  • Contributed to largest freshmen class in university's 139-year history.
  • 24% increase in RFPs in 90 days using LinkedIn.
  • Doubled Facebook page size organically to 3rd largest in state in 90 days.
  • 34% revenue growth month over month.
  • 267% organic Facebook post reach.
  • 44% email open rates.
  • Leveraged national Twitter chats to exceed first-time enrollment goals by 22%.
  • And so much more ...
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stay current

This is the first step to updating your online presence. The trifecta of keyword rich blog posts, email marketing, and daily social media posts will get you in front of your customers, highlight your expertise and offer customer service and communication opportunities on the busiest community sites that have ever existed.

be active      

With landing pages and A/B testing, you can begin to fine-tune your messaging, dramatically increase click-through rates on email campaigns and ratchet up ROI on social media and paid campaigns. Clients often find that our optimization saves them more money every month on paid campaigns than what they pay us in maintenance. 

be proactive

Paid ads seek out your ideal customer; however, you will want to follow best practices to keep things affordable in this space. Local reputation management is critical to businesses with physical locations or local customers and a service that most agencies do not provide due to the hands-on nature of the effort involved.


Not finding a package that fits quite right? Looking for support in only one or two marketing verticals? No problem. We can build a custom and affordable solution to fit any need.

And, you always keep everything we build for you.


Strategy / Audits

If all you are looking for is experienced, unbiased direction and feedback on how you are doing online, this is the package for you. Our strategic direction and audits have taken businesses to the next level more than once.                            

Training / oversight

Your marketing plan works, your team rocks, you just need a couple of days of training and help to get your digital properties up to speed. No problem. We are happy to help your team take your digital presence to the next level. 

Your digital marketing should be working at least as hard as you do.
— Greg Daily, Founding Partner